Javier Iglesias

Javier Iglesias

Understanding Web Animation Performance

Over the past few years, we have seen the web platform evolve rapidly. Many JavaScript APIs, CSS properties, and native elements have been added. Frontend engineers are now able to build web apps that are extremely similar to traditional native applications. This paradigm shift, from writing documents to building apps,

Moving to a mono-repo: Part 2, The Destination

The adventure continues, diving deeper into Empathy.co’s experience moving to a mono-repo to go open source with Interface X [https://docs.empathy.co/develop-empathy-platform/build-search-ui/]. If you haven’t read Part 1 [https://engineering.empathy.co/moving-to-a-mono-repo-1/] of this blog series, start there for the challenges we faced.

Moving to a mono-repo: Part 1, The Journey

Often the journey can teach you a lot about your destination. For many years, Empathy.co has been working on web frontend projects. Along the way, we’ve created lots of libraries to solve different kinds of problems. However, while we are happy to be able to reuse code between