A first dive into CSS animations

CSS is one of those things that everyone has a strong opinion about. For some reason, it seems like you are only allowed to love it or hate it. It’s quite well-known that it can be a struggle to work with. Some people even avoid all frontend development just

Tailwind + Vue No-code Editor

There has been a lot of talk about no-code solutions, lately. This movement tries to approach non-developers by offering software development tools that allow them to create and modify applications without using code. The benefits of no-code tools include speed, accessibility, reduced costs and autonomy. Thinking about this idea, I

Intro to CSS Grid Layout

What is Grid Layout? CSS Grid Layout is a two-dimensional grid system. It is a CSS language mechanism created to place and distribute elements on a page, which is one of the most problematic processes in CSS. It is a standard, which means that you don't need anything

Understanding Web Animation Performance

Over the past few years, we have seen the web platform evolve rapidly. Many JavaScript APIs, CSS properties, and native elements have been added. Frontend engineers are now able to build web apps that are extremely similar to traditional native applications. This paradigm shift, from writing documents to building apps,