APIs for Search Experience Experiments

Consider the Basics To create a memorable search experience for a certain set of products, one of the most important elements is the data to be shown. The information that shoppers receive regarding the different products available greatly impacts their(...)

Spellcheck in Elasticsearch

After working as a backend developer for several years, the opportunity arose for me to begin integrating features using Elasticsearch (version 7.17). Everything was going smoothly until it was time to take a deep dive into a new feature. Recently my team was asked to reach a milestone that

Session Contextualization

TL;DR Yes, there is a way to help shoppers find what they need, without tracking or collecting personal information. It’s called session contextualization and, here at, it is how we interpret shoppers’ interactions in an ecommerce store, in order to provide a delightful user experience. You

Collaborative Architecture Diagrams

Motivation Architecture diagrams should be visible to everyone in the company, as Trust is one of our principles here at Ensuring visibility would ensure we have a single source of truth where changes can be tracked and revisions can be made. It would also align Engineering, Growth, and

Distributed Load Testing with K6

What is Load Testing? Today, distributed systems are everywhere. When you open a mobile app, several servers are waiting for your interactions so they can send a response. When you interact with your bank via web, more servers are prepared to access your data and return information about your balance

Our Journey to Accessibility: Part 1

Over one billion people have some form of disability [1] []. In other words, around 15% of the population experiences some kind of auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech or visual impairment. Moreover, this percentage is growing due to a rise in chronic health

Cloud FinOps – Part 5: Usage Report

Wrapping up this series, following our previous Cloud FinOps - Part 4: Kubernetes Cost Report, this final piece looks at how to increase visibility of underutilized workloads.