Distributed Load Testing with K6

What is Load Testing?Today, distributed systems are everywhere. When you open a mobile app, several servers are waiting for your interactions so they can send a response. When you interact with your bank via web, more servers are prepared(...)

Our Journey to Accessibility: Part 1

Over one billion people have some form of disability [1]. In other words, around 15% of the population experiences some kind of auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech or visual impairment. Moreover, this percentage is growing due to a rise in chronic health conditions and an aging population. Here at Empathy.

Cloud FinOps – Part 5: Usage Report

Wrapping up this series, following our previous Cloud FinOps - Part 4: Kubernetes Cost Report, this final piece looks at how to increase visibility of underutilized workloads.

ElasticSearch Data Migration in Kubernetes

Managing stateful applications in Kubernetes has a reputation for being difficult and tricky, but it doesn't have to be! Take a look at the options we tried first-hand at for migrating data with ElasticSearch.

Increase Related Tags using Graph Modeling Algorithms

This article describes our journey to increase the number of Related Tags offered by to customers and shoppers. But, wait, first things first — what are Related Tags? 🤔 Related Tags are tools that help shoppers streamline their search experience, offering additional terms that are relevant to their query, based

Cloud FinOps - Part 4: Kubernetes Cost Report

This blog post is a continuation of Cloud FinOps - Part 3: Cloud Cost Report, in which we will explore how to gain cost visibility on Kubernetes Workloads. MotivationNowadays, a lot of companies run their workloads on Kubernetes because there are many benefits to choosing Kubernetes as the main solutions

Applying CI/CD Using GitHub Actions for Android

All developers know how crucial it is to ensure that their programs and products are up and running, and that includes the Interface X Apps Team here at Since Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery is such an essential part of keeping your code in peak form, we wanted to