Success story: From AWS EMR to Kubernetes

MotivationThis article is an overview of the path we followed to migrate Spark Workloads to Kubernetes and to avoid EMR dependency. EMR was an important support tool at to orchestrate Spark workloads, but once the workloads became more(...)

Running Apache Spark on Kubernetes

Using Spark on K8s to overcome dependency on cloud providersFor the last few weeks, I’ve been deploying a Spark cluster on Kubernetes (K8s). I want to share the challenges, architecture and solution details I’ve discovered with you. ChallengesAt Empathy, all code running in production must be cloud-agnostic. As

Running Apache Flink on Kubernetes

During the last weeks, I was deploying a Flink cluster on Kubernetes cluster. I’d like to share the challenges, architecture, Kubernetes deployment, solution details and the journey on this article ChallengesAt Empathy, all code running in Production must be cloud agnostic. Empathy had a cloud dependency regarding Dataflow (in